Build 2018 – my favorite sessions

My favorite Build 2018 sessions: CLOUD Break through the serverless barriers with Durable Functions Containers and microservices: Zero to Hero with Service Fabric Azure Service Fabric: The road ahead for microservices Diagnosing and debugging live cloud applications Building Resilient Microservices with .NET Core and Azure Container Services (AKS) Iteratively Develop Microservices with Speed on Kubernetes Build 2018 – my favorite sessions

The Is, As and the Is-As

C# has recently introduced with C# 7 a couple of new syntax sugars. I this post, I will investigate the new is keyword from IL standpoint and from performance standpoint. I will investage by analyzing the generated IL Code and by microbenchmarking the instructions. In my tests I repeat and measure the time it takes … More The Is, As and the Is-As