My Build 2017 video list

Let me share my favorite videos from the Build conference 2017. This year I mostly cover UWP and Cognitive services.

Modernize WinForms and WPF apps with maximum code reuse, cross-platform reach, and efficient DevOps
Build Amazing Apps with Fluent Design
The future of C#
Supercharge your debugging in Visual Studio 2017
Cross-device and cross-platform experiences with Project Rome and Microsoft Graph
Introducing Adaptive Cards

Computer vision made easy: Microsoft Cognitive Services has you covered

Azure Service Fabric, microservices, containers, and the road ahead
Surviving success: Performance tuning under pressure

Nextgen UWP app distribution: Building extensible, stream-able, componentized apps
Tip, tricks, and secrets: Building a great UWP app for PC
Unity and Windows holographic tooling and intro to mixed reality
Explore the next generation of innovative UI in the Visual Layer
XAML custom controls for UWP: Start to finish

Create Cortana skills for your customers, partners, and work force
Cortana advanced language and voice skill design
Using Microsoft Cognitive Services to bring the power of speech recognition to your apps